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Get  coffee from your favourite cafe in quick and an easy way.

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What is our mission


Best service

Our team is fully focussed on providing the best and efficient services to our clients and customers. Client satisfaction & Customer happiness is our first priority . We are always there to help out with our email, call supports


Latest Technology

Having the best and latest technology makes us much more advanced comparing to our competitors.We have simple , yet powerful tools to make sure we deliver our best.From mobile applications in different platforms to different web dashboard , providing all you need with few clicks make us special.


Best Partners

We have partnered with top level business to ensure that oru customers receive top quality service and can be sure they would receive best food as they want

Why Choose us

easy , efficient & quality service

Always On Time

With the help of advanced Technology & best team, we deliver to you at lightning speed.

Top Quality

whether it comes to service or items we provide ,we make sure it reaches to you at its best

24/7 Availability

Our support team is always there to help you . Customer happiness is our top priority


What Our Clients Say?

Our customers just love ordering from the App. We could focuss on providing the best coffee while pik takes care of all other process.
Speciality Coffee
Simple app which gives wonderful results. We could easily control our business by giving discount providing new items & its very easy
Speciality Coffee
Pik just help us kick start our business.Pik Platform was one of the best and free marketing tool we used. It increased our followers and sales was increasing day by day

A few of our clients